BioHaven Floating Wetlands vs Constructed Wetlands

BioHaven Floating Treatment Wetlands Have Several Key Advantages Over a Conventional Constructed Wetland

We are using our experience of ecological engineering and natural water treatment processes to design more flexible, efficient and long lasting reed bed technology. The approach to design using BioHaven floating treatment wetlands (FTW) is grounded in solid, peer reviewed science and multiple reference projects from across the world. Whilst BioHaven is deemed new and innovative, it is a proven approach that utilises the fundamental biological basics of wastewater treatment. By applying the best features of these well-proven ecological treatment systems, we can overcome constructed wetland system constraints, such as clogging and large footprint size as well as promoting a higher rate of microbial activity and biodiversity associated with the treatment pond. BioHaven FTW installations are an alternative low cost and low energy approach to effective water treatment that present a reduction in operational costs as well as much improved and more consistent system efficacy. Download our BioHaven Floating Wetland vs Constructed Wetlands Fact Sheet

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