Nutrient Removal with Passive Floating Treatment Wetlands

Project Location: Elayn Hunt Correctional Facility, St. Gabriel, Louisiana, USA

Elayn correctional facility nutrient removal

Elayn correctional facility nutrient removal

This case study demonstrates the capabilities of Floating Island International’s patented floating treatment wetland (FTW) technology to clean water by substantially reducing nutrient levels.

Constructed of post-consumer polymer fibers and vegetated with native plants, FTWs mimic the ability of natural wetlands to clean water by bringing a “concentrated wetland effect” to waterways.

Over 4,800 FTWs have been installed worldwide over the past decade.

Key Stats

  • Area of 1560 ft2 (145 m2)
  • Flow rate of 208 gpm (47 m3/hr)
  • Water body depth: 3 ft (1 m)
  • Water body area: 5.1 acre (20,600 m2)