Sign up for Free Riverfly Monitoring Training

The Zoological Society of London (ZSL) are offering free river monitoring training on the River Crane.

The River Crane Partnership, led by a local community group aims to restore the river, conserve its surrounding habitats and improve public access so that nearby communities can enjoy contact with the natural world. To achieve this goal frog environmental have been working with local volunteers to identify hotspots of pollution by taking water quality samples. However, a new monitoring programme has been developed by the Riverfly Partnership so that people throughout the UK can help sample their local river to check its health. Many riverflies including mayfly, caddisfly and stonefly live their lives as larvae on the bed of our rivers, streams and lakes, emerging as adult flies in spring and summer. Riverflies not only form an important part of the aquatic ecosystem and a source of food for fish but they are also superb biological indicators of poor water quality. Riverflies are present in the water throughout the year and have specific tolerances to changes in environmental conditions, especially affected by water quality, habitat diversity and flow rates. By checking the type and number of riverfly larvae in your river through the year you can identify changes that negatively affect the health of the river ecosystem so that they may be corrected.
Crane Riverfly project PDF
The training will give you the skills to identify and count riverflies on your stretch of the River Crane so that you can carry out your own health check on your favourite spot in the river.

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