Early Contractor Involvement Services

Pollution pathway identification and risk assessment on construction site
Assessing pollution pathways on site can play a key role in protecting the environment

Early contractor involvement (ECI) can play a crucial role in preventing pollution when planning construction projects, especially for works being undertaken in environmentally sensitive areas.  

frog environmental are maintaining key technical services and working with new and existing customers to provide commercial support for construction projects.  

Whilst we are maintaining a capacity for site visits (with the correct protocols in place), large parts of ECI are able to be delivered remotely.  

frog environmental is currently providing the following construction support services: 

  • Pollution prevention support pre-tender 
  • Commercial support and pricing  
  • Pollution risk management services  
  • Assessment of permitting needs and permit applications  
  • Site attendance to collect data and samples 
  • Sample testing and analysis  
  • Surface Water Management Plans  
  • Pollution Prevention Plans  
  • Support for in channel works (river & estuary)  

Remember; good planning saves time & money and prevents pollution. Contact us for further information.