Silt Management Tools – the Pipe Reactor

Pipe Reactor in action at Volker Wessels UK training

Pipe Reactor in action at Volker Wessels UK training

Pipe Reactor

Our new Pipe Reactor is a silt control management tool. It is used in situ to remove fine sediments from suspension by causing the silt to bind together so it may be more easily settled and captured before release as clean water.

It’s portable, easy to use and can achieve significant reductions in suspended solids whilst occupying a tiny footprint. Field-testing has shown the Pipe Reactor can reduce suspended solids down from >800mg/l to 9 mg/l.

Volker Wessels UK joined the frog environmental team at our top secret research facility to see how the Pipe Reactor, when used in conjunction with settlement tanks and Floc mat, takes out suspended sediments from silt laden water.

Because the unit is small, light and easy to set up in different locations without the need for heavy plant or lifting equipment, the Pipe Reactor can be used for dewatering multiple excavations in a single day.

frog environmental are exclusive UK supplier and distributor for Pipe Reactor and are offering training and CPD sessions on how this can be used to treat water on site.