Water Quality Award Winners

Leela-O'Dea-and-the-Blue-Business-Awards,-Shropshire-Wildlife-Trust frog environmental is the winner of the Blue Business Award for innovation in water quality. Presented by BESST (Business Environment Support Scheme for Telford), Shropshire Wildlife Trust and the Environment Agency, the award celebrates those leading the way in protecting local water resources. Leela O’Dea, Technical Director at frog environmental “We are very proud to have been recognised for our innovative work in reducing water pollution, managing sediment and improving water quality.” Sediment is the main pollutant generated on construction sites and arises from the erosion of exposed soils and dewatering excavations. Traditional interventions are often ineffective at separating fine silt and clay particles from water that lead to pollution events and long-term harm to habitat and water quality. In response to a growing industry need frog environmental has used its technical expertise to develop a product range to support good surface water management and silt control planning on construction sites. frog environmental silt control products are inexpensive, simple to deploy and help our clients respond to frequently encountered site management issues. Our sediment capture interventions include: Silt Mat – captures sediment and prevents resuspension Silt Wattle – reduces flow on sloping ground, in channels and ditches Floc Mat – traps sediment using a mild anionic flocculant Silt Net – for placement in lagoons to aid sediment deposition Treated Geo-Jute– for polishing water and lining channels Rock Check – placed in channels to help manage flows Silt Fence – facilitates infiltration to ground on work sites Pipe Reactor – uses mild anionic flocculant to help remove fine clays Bubble Curtains – reduce downstream sediment transport and increases oxygen levels frog environmental also work with local community groups to install BioHaven floating treatment wetlands to provide longer-term reduction in nutrients and improve fishery habitat. Our water treatment measures include: BioHaven – an attractive floating wetland that supports natural processes to reduce nutrients, provide habitat and clean water Bubble Tubing – a linear diffuse aeration system that can be used to increase oxygen, support natural degradation of organic silts, nutrients and metals OctoAir – a concentrated diffuse aeration system used to treat contaminated water and destratify deep water lakes and reservoirs Microbes – natural water cleansers for ponds and lakes to bring balance when excess nutrients result in algal growth Richard Haine, Director at frog environmental “We want our work to inspire local communities and contractors alike to adopt new practices that help protect and improve lakes, streams and rivers. These environments play an important role in our everyday life and our health”. The full winner profile can be downloaded.