Bubble Barrier Abstraction Protection

Abstraction from lakes, rivers, estuaries and the sea are critical for many industries including agriculture, wastewater and power generation.

All abstractions should be licensed by the regulator however, they can pose a risk to local fish populations and often require a high level of maintenance and operational expenditure to clear debris screens.

Bubble Tubing® can be deployed in front of abstractions to create bubble curtains that can prevent debris from being drawn into the abstraction, whilst at the same time discouraging fish.

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Bubble tubing to redirect algae and debris Coastwork Bubble Tubing Abstraction Protection _ Jellyfish Coastworks Bubble Tubing Abstraction Protection
Coastwork Bubble Tubing Abstraction Protection _ Jellyfish

  • Abstraction protection
  • Debris and litter protection
  • Fish protection
  • Floating weed barrier

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