Using Bubble Curtains for Effective Environmental Protection CPD session

Bubble Curtains are used across the UK in rivers, estuaries and the sea to protect the environment and deliver value without restricting navigation.

Simple to deploy, Bubble Curtains provide a time and cost saving solution which has proven to be an effective option for construction and utilities sectors, in particular.

Their key applications include:

  • Sound & vibration control (protecting marine wildlife from construction such as piling works)
  • Silt plume containment
  • Inlet & abstraction protection (fish, jellyfish, litter and debris)
  • Pollution management in case of accidental spills such as oil or silt
  • Emergency aeration

Validation work has taken place around these key applications, and this technology is now readily accessible to contractors both large and small.

We are specialists in the design and supply of Bubble Curtains for both temporary and permanent installations across the UK.

If you would like to find out more about Bubble Curtains and how they may help save time and money on your next project, our free 1 hour CPD ‘lunch & learn’ session covers the following topics:

  • How a bubble curtain works
  • Key components of a bubble curtain
  • How Bubble Curtains deliver efficiencies and save money (case studies)
  • Design and specification process
  • Constraints to using a bubble curtain  
  • Deploying and retrieving a bubble curtain


Jellyfish can cause issues with abstraction
Jellyfish can cause issues with abstraction