Emergency Aeration

Bubble Tubing® can be used as a rapid response to provide intensive aeration to rivers and lakes and for pollution control.

Quick and easy to deploy with unparalleled oxygen transfer efficiency.

This low carbon technology can be used efficiently in a wide variety of aquatic settings. It has been demonstrated under test conditions to have an extremely efficient oxygen transfer.

It was found that the SOTE or Standard Oxygen Transfer Efficiency using our technology was among the highest seen by the researchers.

Creating Oxygen Rich Water To Reduce Odour and Silt

Oxygen rich water columns ensure the development of aerobic bacteria that play an essential part in breaking down organic matter eg leaf litter whilst eliminating the odour and reducing the need for de-silting. As demonstrated in our case study at Holywell Park.

The process creates an aerobic environment at the sediment water interface, this traps Phosphorus within the sediment and supports nitrogen reducing processes, reducing the availability of nutrients that may contribute to algal growth. Giving you clearer water.

Bubble Tubing® also circulates water from top to bottom. A well-mixed water body is a generally a healthier water body.

Please contact us if you need help with aeration or pollution control.


River Ebbw Bubble Barrier