Rock Check

Rock checks are used as dams in ditches and swales to reduce the speed of water and distribute the flows across the channel

Rock check dams can be used in mild or moderately steep channel gradients and are typically implemented as a system of several check dams situated at regular intervals along the drainage swale or ditch.

Available in three sizes, rock checks are made from clean stone encased within a strong polypropylene net. The net allows easy handling and installation as well as preventing strong flows from displacing the rocks.

Rock checks can be positioned end on end or pyramided, the height should allow for pools to develop upstream of each check dam to support the natural deposition of sediment. It is recommended to install Floc Mat™ or Silt Net under and around the check dam to prevent erosion on the upstream and downstream sides.


rock check dam
rock check dimensions
rock check
Rock check dams pool water upstream to slow the flow
Medium rock check 50cm length x 35cm width x 25cm height
Rock checks use 45mm clean stone with no dust

  • Reduce water velocity
  • Distribute flows across a channel
  • Scour protection at outfalls
  • Drain protection
  • Increase infiltration and trap sediment
  • Can be used as a planned or reactive silt control measure

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