Silt Fence

Silt Fence is designed as a temporary barrier to control the movement of suspended sediment and soil during groundwork.

Silt Fence captures sediment and allows water to infiltrate and percolate into the ground, preventing sediment from being carried to ditches and streams where it can negatively impact aquatic life.

It can play an important role in managing construction related pollution incidents by forming a site perimeter barrier, intercepting runoff from slopes and protecting drains.

Silt Fence is quick and simple to deploy and provides a key intervention for the effective management of surface water on construction sites, especially when used in combination with other sediment control devices.

It isn’t always the best product for preventing silt and other sediment but we have a wide range of low cost and effective options we can talk you through to help you no matter how large or small your project is.


woven polypropelyne
Silt fence holding back silt pollution
Fixings on a silt fence
Close up of silt fence material
Silt fence holding back silt pollution
Fixings on a silt fence

  • Site perimeter protection
  • Overland flow interception
  • Drain and surface water protection
  • Surface water management plan intervention
  • Reduce catchment flood risk
  • Reduce pollution incidents offsite

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