Silt Mat™

Silt Mats™ capture sediment as it naturally drops out of suspension

Silt Mats™ are deployed in channels downstream of earth moving or sediment disturbance activities. The mat position is important for delivering the most benefit and is best placed in areas of natural deposition where water energy is reduced.

The mats can be orientated to suit the channel type, channel dimensions and flow rate to give the most effective coverage. Typically the mats are staked directly into the channel bed but they can also be weighted with local material.

A key design aspect is that once the mats have captured sediment they will contain it very effectively within their natural fibre matrix, preventing resuspension during higher flows. Field-testing shows Silt Mat™ will comfortably contain over 20 kg of sediment per square meter.

The product measures 2 x 1 metres, making it easy to transport, deploy and recover. Silt Mats™ are sold in bales of 5 and made from sustainably sourced natural fibres that are 100% biodegradable for simple disposal.

Silt Mat™ can be deployed on its own or as part of a combined sediment control solution. The mat can be laid under Silt Wattles to help support sediment removal and to prevent scouring.

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SiltMat-in-river-to-capture-sediment-downstream-of-polluting-inflow SiltMat-in-stream-slowing-and-traping-muddy-water Fine-clay-sediment-collected-in-SiltMat Sediment-captured-in-SiltMat-won't-be-resuspended Silt Mat™ used in a Silt Capture Channel
SiltMat in river to capture sediment downstream of polluting inflow

  • Drainage from construction sites
  • River restoration and maintenance operations
  • Used in artificial dispersion fields
  • Forestry and agricultural operations
  • Runoff attenuation features
  • Can be used as a planned or reactive sediment control measure

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