Evaluating oxygen transfer by CanadianPond.ca products

GSEE, Inc. La Vergne, TN. Evaluation of the oxygen transfer capabilities of CanadianPond.ca products Ltd. (Bubble tubing and Octo-Air aeration systems). September 2017

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During June-August, 2011, CanadianPond.ca Products Ltd. retained GSEE, Inc., to perform unsteady
state clean water shop oxygen transfer tests on the CanadianPond.ca Products Ltd. ½” & ¾” Bubble
Tubing™ and the OctoAir-10™ aeration systems. Tests were performed on each system at airflow rates
of 2.5, 5 and 10 SCFM at water depths of 5, 10 and 15 feet.

As a follow-up and expansion of those tests in 2017, Canadianpond.ca Products ltd retained GSEE, Inc.,
to perform additional unsteady state clean water oxygen transfer tests in the GSEE 21’Ø test basin as
outlined on page 3 of the report.

Oxygen transfer is determined using the ASCE clean water non-steady state test procedures. The ASCE
standard requires a regression analysis on the data from each sample location and then averages the
obtained results. Test results are reported at standard conditions of 20°C liquid temperature, one (1) atmosphere barometric pressure, zero (0) dissolved oxygen, and alpha (?) and beta (ß) equal to 1.0 (clean tap water). All test results have also been calculated using both the ASCE linear and non-linear regression analysis methods for the determination of the mass transfer coefficient KLaT, the steady-state D.O. saturation value C*?, and the D.O. concentration at time zero C0.

The report concludes:

  1. SOTR increases with increasing airflow rate and increasing air release depth.
  2. SOTE decreases with increasing airflow rate.
  3. SOTE increases with increasing air release depth.
  4. The ¾” and 1.0” Bubble Tubing™ have similar performance.
  5. The ¾” and 1.0” Bubble Tubing™ results indicate a performance advantage over the ½” Bubble
  6. The OctoAir™ units produced lower results than the Bubble Tubing™. Note that this is expected
    due to the concentration of the aeration system in a small area of the tank as opposed to the Bubble Tubing which has more complete floor coverage of the basin.

Overall, the results obtained for the CanadianPond.ca Products Ltd. aeration systems were uniformly
excellent and produced some of the highest SOTE values GSEE, Inc. has observed.