Using bubble curtains in freshwater and marine environments

Mendzil (2018) Micro bubble curtains: impact on Sediment Dispersal: Supplementary Report. SEACAMS2 Project (SC2-R&D-SU03) with Frog Environmental. Swansea University, 19 pp.

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This report provides background information, applications, scientific literature and studies associated with using bubble curtains in different aquatic environments. Bubble curtains have been used as fish guidance tools, to limit underwater noise and to control floating litter and weeds. A new study has confirmed that Bubble Tubing® is also effective in impeding sediment dispersal in seawater under laboratory conditions. Bubble curtains could therefore have enormous applied potential in coastal and marine environments where human activity may impact on sediment dynamics. This supplementary report focuses on these applications with particular reference to Marine Renewable Energy (MRE) developments which are likely to become more widespread and advanced in the efforts to tackle climate change by displacing fossil fuel energy sources with renewables.