Five reasons to be rain-ready when controlling silt on construction sites

When silt pollution is a risk on site, being rain-ready and planning to avoid it happening saves money, time and protects the local environment.

Rain-ready is a term we use (and philosophy we work to) to describe a site’s preparation to prevent silt pollution at any time of year. With that in mind, here are our top 5 reasons why sites should be rain-ready:

Protect the environment

Silt is environmentally harmful in water. When mud or silty water enters a watercourse it causes pollution which impacts wildlife, native habitats and the water we all rely on. It can lead to significant fines and reputational harm to the contractor or site owner, all of which could be avoided with some forward planning. 

Reduce risk to the business

Silt is a year-round risk; therefore, planning and preparation are key to every construction site. A rain-ready approach should be part of any site plan to prepare for bad weather year-round and avoid the risk of fines and damage to the environment. 

Training staff reduces your risk as well as having robust silt control systems built for longevity.

Save time

Reacting to rain, rather than planning for it, is more costly and wastes everyone’s time on site. Time which is precious when you have deadlines. Here at Frog Environmental, we have worked with the industry to create a range of solutions that safely prevent silt and sediment from entering ditches or other drainage pathways that feed into streams and rivers.

Our rain-ready systems are simple to install, easy to monitor, and replenish. Part of that planning is having our Silt Control Response Kit on site. It means you can react quickly to a wet situation.

Save money

Have you found yourself in a situation where it has rained, you weren’t prepared, and you had to handle vast amounts of unexpected dirty surface water? This can be an expensive and stressful mistake.

We are big believers in providing the construction industry with year-round, cost-effective and sustainable solutions. Installing our products at the beginning of the project saves money in the long term. Our products only activate when it rains, otherwise, they lie dormant, waiting to handle the next downpour.

There is no hired plant with our rain-ready system, so monthly overhead is kept to a minimum. This brings significant cost savings throughout a project compared to hired treatment tanks.

Avoid reputational damage

Reputation is important in business, a silt pollution incident carries significant reputational risk and a pollution conviction remains on public record.

Pollution damages the environment, harms your reputation, and will impact how the industry and public perceives your organisation. Being rain-ready manages this risk.

If you work in construction, utilities or the third sector and have infrastructure projects which could benefit from our help, get in touch with us. Our technical team offer a no-obligation call or online meeting free of charge.

Five reasons to be rain-ready (and control silt) on construction sites
Excessive rainfall can lead to dirty water sitting on site, creating problems for your staff and the environment
Several Silt Capture Channels can be set up to suit the amount of water requiring silt capture and treatment on-site
A Silt Capture Channel in operation

Why choose Frog Environmental?

Long shelf life

Our products are designed with the rain-ready philosophy in mind. Take our Floc Mat and Silt Mat™ solutions for example, we use fully biodegradable, heavyweight materials that still work effectively after 6 months on site. Similarly, Gel Flocculant can last for many months, activating when in contact with flowing water and deactivating with no flow. The blocks work with pumps, but also with gravity-fed systems, the latter saves energy and carbon costs.

Experts in our field

We have a team of passionate and committed water quality and environmental specialists with decades of experience that provide technical support with every product sale. We want our solutions to be a good fit for your project and as every site is different, our team will work with you to help design a system suitable for your needs.

Low cost solutions

By using our products there is no reliance on expensive machinery with significant hire and fuel costs, reducing the site’s monthly overheads, all the while preventing the potential risk of fines and costs to your company’s reputation. If your site does not support a gravity-fed system, then our Pipe Reactor will also provide an exceptionally low-cost and efficient water treatment option. 

Low carbon

We care about the carbon footprint and work hard to find ways to deliver through providing low carbon options. For example, with conventional pumping systems each pump costs on average around £23,500 per annum to hire, with over £5,000 in fuel costs and around 10 tonnes of C02 each year. We offer a zero carbon alternative for treating water.