Silt Wattle

Natural silt wattles help manage sediment and muddy water

Silt wattles are used as check dams in rivers, ditches, swales and gullies to reduce the speed of water and aid natural sediment deposition. The natural media supports silt trapping and can also be used in conjunction with a Floc Mat™ to enhance sediment capture and reduce downstream turbidity.

Silt wattles may also be used to control soil erosion, to protect surface waters or break sheet flow on slopes; their low permeability supports natural ground infiltration and helps to contain dirty water.

Silt wattles can be joined end on end or pyramided depending on the application. They can be fixed using stakes or weights or in low energy environments simply placed without the need for staking.

Natural silt wattles come in 20cm, 30cm or 45cm diameter rolls. They are formed from recycled wood-waste filter media encased in durable netting. A fully biodegradable option is available for sensitive sites.

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Silt Wattle used as river check dam silt-wattle-used-in-river-system-to-slow-flow-and-trap-silts silt-wattle-can-be-used-on-hard-surfaces-to-stop-muddy-water
Silt Wattle can be used in river system to slow flow and trap silts

  • Perimeter protection substituting silt fence
  • Check dams to slow water
  • Slope checks to slow sheet flow
  • Drain protection
  • Sediment traps
  • Runoff diversion

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