Underwater Sound and Vibration Control

Piling and blasting works in marine and freshwater environments can cause significant injury to mammals and fish.

Bubble Tubing® reduces the impact of sound attenuation and vibration from construction works and can directly reduce preliminary costs on major construction projects by reducing the amount of time required on site.

Bubble Curtains, also known as Bubble Barriers, have been proven in the field to be an effective mitigation for vibration from piling works and blasting, protecting fish and mammals whilst allowing complex programmes of work to be delivered efficiently. We’ve won national and international awards for our projects – our bubble curtain reduced underwater sound from impact pile driving by 99% which exceeded the regulators’ requirements, protected endangered salmon and other ecosystems, and allowed our client to safely pile with no time restrictions applied to their construction days.

We will help you scope out the suitability of a Bubble Curtain in our initial call or meeting, and will design a system suitable for your project and environmental aims. There will always be an environmental benefit achieved from using one, in some cases several.

Bubble Curtains can be designed for the most pressing challenge whether that is underwater sound control, silt control, oil control, inlet protection and litter and weed management or improved aeration (or in some scenarios a combination of those benefits).


Bubble barriers being used on piling works to protect fish and mammals from underwater vibrations and sound
Trout in water with bubbles
Large scale bubble barrier system being deployed on underwater sound and vibration reduction
Trout in water with bubble
John F Hunt Regeneration piling project Photo credit: LCM Media
Trout in water with bubbles
Large scale bubble barrier system being deployed on underwater sound and vibration
Bubble barriers to protect fish and mammals from vibration and sound underwater

  • Piling
  • Marine construction
  • Renewable energy projects
  • Blasting
  • River, estuary and coastal applications

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