Bubble Curtains

Bubble Curtains & Products for Working in Water using Bubble Tubing® technology

Industrial aeration

Industrial Aeration

Bubble Tubing® is a safe and effective way to efficiently deliver oxygen rich environments vital for industrial processes.

Pond and Lake Aeration

Pond and Lake Aeration

Bubble Tubing® introduces oxygen to the bed of the pond or lake where it is needed the most.

Bubble Tubing® fine bubble linear diffuser

Bubble Tubing™ creates micro-bubbles, optimising oxygen transfer to decontaminate water

OctoAir-10™ Industrial Diffuser

OctoAir-10™ is a high performance industrial grade aeration diffuser

Bubble Tubing® has many other temporary and permanent applications; from pollution prevention and plastic litter control to sound attenuation and silt management.

Chemical and corrosion resistant components and precision manufacturing ensure micro-bubbles are produced long after the 5-year standard warranty.

Bubble Tubing® is applied in canals, rivers, lakes & reservoirs and estuarine & marine environments as well as being used in water treatment systems.

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