Working in Water

Our Range of Bubble Curtains® & Products for Working in Water

Box 3 Bubble noise

Underwater Sound and Vibration Control

Bubble Curtains have been proven in the field to be an effective mitigation for vibration from piling works and blasting.

Working in water emergency aeration

Emergency Aeration

Bubble Tubing® can be used as a rapid response to provide intensive aeration to rivers and lakes and contain pollution. Quick and easy to deploy with unparalleled oxygen transfer efficiency.

Industrial aeration

Industrial Aeration

Bubble Tubing® is a safe and effective way to efficiently deliver oxygen rich environments vital for industrial processes.

Pond and Lake Aeration

Pond and Lake Aeration

Bubble Tubing® introduces oxygen to the bed of the pond or lake where it is needed the most.

Bubble Tubing® fine bubble linear diffuser

Bubble Tubing™ creates micro-bubbles, optimising oxygen transfer to decontaminate water

Bubble curtains reduce the movement of silt downstream

Silt Bubble Barriers

Bubble barriers are deployed in rivers to control movement of silt when working on the bed or banks. The solution is simple to deploy and helps protects sensitive downstream receptors.

Coastwork Bubble Tubing Abstraction Protection _ Jellyfish

Bubble Barrier Abstraction Protection

Bubble Tubing® can be deployed in front of abstractions to create bubble curtains that can prevent debris from being drawn into the abstraction, whilst at the same time discouraging fish.

OctoAir-10™ Industrial Diffuser

OctoAir-10™ is a high performance industrial grade aeration diffuser

Bubbles breaking surface tension to form a barrier

Litter and Weed Bubble Curtains

The Great Bubble Barrier is the first project to utilise Bubble Tubing® to collect plastic waste from rivers before it reaches the sea.

Bubble Tubing® has many other temporary and permanent applications; from pollution prevention and plastic litter control to sound attenuation and silt management.

Chemical and corrosion resistant components and precision manufacturing ensure micro-bubbles are produced long after the 5-year standard warranty.

Bubble Tubing® is applied in canals, rivers, lakes & reservoirs and estuarine & marine environments as well as being used in water treatment systems.

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