Silt Control

Silt pollution is a business risk as well as an environmental risk. frog environmental provide silt control products and services to help keep your construction site compliant.

Silt Mat™

Silt Mat™ is a versatile silt control product that can be used on land, in ditches or in streams & rivers. Each mat can capture up to 40kg of silt. Silt Mat™ is fully biodegradable.

Floc Mat™

Floc Mat™ has been developed to prevent pollution from fine silts and clayey soils. Floc Mat™ is deployed directly on land or in drainage ditches. The product is fully biodegradable.

Silt Wattle

Silt Wattles help slow the flow of silty water from construction sites. Silt Wattles are deployed directly on ground, in ditches and used to create low flow channels when working in rivers.

Pipe Reactor, mobile water treatment

Pipe Reactor

Pipe Reactor is a portable silt control unit designed to treat clayey water from construction sites. Pipe Reactor is used in conjunction with attenuation features and Silt Capture Channels.

Silt Capture Channel

Silt Capture Channel

Silt Capture Channels use a combination of Silt Mats™, Floc Mat™ and Silt Wattles to create site specific silt capture areas. Silt Capture Channels can be made in any shape and size.

Gel Flocculant

Slow releasing Gel Flocculants are easy to deploy in effluent streams and drains. They bind clay particles and help prevent polluting loads from leaving construction sites.

Bubble curtains reduce the movement of silt downstream

Silt Bubble Barriers

Bubble barriers are deployed in rivers to control movement of silt when working on the bed or banks. The solution is simple to deploy and helps protects sensitive downstream receptors.

Silt Net

Silt Net

Silt Net is a fully biodegradable product that is used in lagoons and ditches to reduce scour and help settle fine particles associated with clayey soils.

Emergency Silt Control Kit

Silt Control Response Kit

Every construction site needs to plan to prevent silt pollution. frog environmental develop site specific, palletised, silt control kits to help maintain environmental compliance throughout your proje…

Silt Pollution Site Assessment

Our technical specialists attend site to assess silt pollution risk and support the development of control measures. We focus on finding the most straightforward approach to solving complex problems.

Monitoring Services

Keeping tabs on water quality leaving site is a regulatory requirement. frog environmental offer a range of remote and on site water quality monitoring services to support compliance

Silt Control Training & CPD

Staff and contractor awareness of silt pollution is key to reducing risk on site. frog environmental offer a modular approach to training as well as free lunch & learn CPD sessions.

Silt Fence

Silt Fence is designed to slow the flow of silty water, allowing it to infiltrate into the ground. Correctly installed silt fence can play a role in managing silt pollution from construction sites.

rock check dam

Rock Check

frog environmental rock checks are used in ditches and swales to reduce flow energy. Rock checks can also be used to weight silt control products and hold them in position during higher flows.

geo jute desilting

Treated Geo-Jute

Treated Geo jute is a biodegradable rolled product used to stabilise ground and reduce mobilisation of silts during temporary works.

Flocculants on Construction Sites

Basic guidance for the construction industry about when to use a flocculant, what type of flocculant to use and how much of it to use, and advice on managing costs and risks when using flocculants on a construction site.
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