OctoAir-10™ Industrial Diffuser

OctoAir-10™ is a high performance industrial grade aeration diffuser

The manoeuvrable, robust design uses 30m of Bubble Tubing™ to deliver exceptional oxygen transfer efficiencies. Fine bubbles from the OctoAir-10 diffuser create important lift, mixing and circulation of liquids such as water, leachate, sewage or potable water.

Admitting up to 17 m3/hr of air flow, the OctoAir-10 achieves demanding results whether aerating a wastewater treatment plant; using oxygenation to biologically remove excess nutrients or to control gas such as Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S); or providing a platform for bio-dredging.

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OCTOAIR-Aeration with OctoAir-10 diffuser OctoAir-10 for wastewater aeration OctoAir diffuser delivers up to 950g of oxygen OctoAir10 industrial deicing
OctoAir is effective for providing wastewater aeration

  • Water quality improvement
  • Storm, wastewater and leachate ponds
  • Bio-dredging
  • Aquaculture
  • Lake nutrient reduction
  • De-icing

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