Silt Capture Channel

The silt capture channels are formed on an impermeable membrane and made up of a combination of Floc MatsTM, Silt Mats and Silt Wattles to slow the flow, filter and trap silt.

Depending on the available space, topography and pumping rate the Silt Capture Channel can be formed in different configurations to suit the constraints of the construction site.

Used in combination of the pipe reactor, the silt capture channel is particularly effective at removing fine particles associated with clay soils, polishing the water.

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Silt Capture Channels filter and trap sediments from water Gravity Fed Silt Capture Channel polishes water from a lagoon Silt capture channels form part of a water treatment system Silt Mat used in a Silt Capture Channel
Gravity Fed Silt Capture Channel polishes water from a lagoon
  • Drainage from construction sites
  • Quarrying operations
  • Polishing water
  • Artificial dispersion fields

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