Silt Capture Channel

Formed on an impermeable membrane and made up of a combination of Floc Mat™, Silt Mats™ and Silt Wattles, Silt Capture Channels are used to slow the flow of water, and to filter and trap silt and fine sediment.

This natural water treatment system helps clean the water and prevents the risk of polluting nearby watercourses and causing harm to aquatic life.

Depending on the available space, topography and pumping rate, the Silt Capture Channel can be formed in different configurations to suit the constraints of the construction site. Our technical team can help advise you on the best set up for your site.

  • Captures and binds silt, cleaning muddy construction site water
  • It can be made in any shape and size to suit your site, and a second channel can be built to handle higher volumes of silty water
  • Easily monitored with consumable products replaced quickly & simply
  • No ground disturbance or excavations required
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Our mats capture and hold up to 40 – 50kg of silt sediment
  • We provide rapid response times and delivery

A Silt Capture Channel can be used in combination with our Pipe Reactor which contains flocculant, this winning combination of silt control solutions make it particularly effective at capturing fine particles associated with clay soils, separating silt from the water.


Silt Capture Channels filter and trap sediments from water
Gravity Fed Silt Capture Channel
Silt Capture Channels filter and trap sediments from water
A Silt Capture Channel shown after water has passed through the system. Trapped silty water can be seen.
A Silt Capture Channel in operation
A gravity fed, zero carbon operation, Silt Capture Channel
Several Silt Capture Channels can be set up to suit the amount of water requiring silt capture and treatment onsite

  • Drainage from construction sites
  • Quarrying operations
  • Polishing water
  • Artificial dispersion fields

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