Silt Net

Silt Net is a 100% biodegradable product designed to treat dirty water in settlement lagoons and treatment ponds

Silt Net is suspended across the width of the lagoon or pond. The combination of natural fibres disrupts flow, encouraging natural settlement of sediment in designated areas.

Gel flocculant granules are impregnated onto the natural fibres to help manage clay and other small particles that are difficult to settle out. Gel flocculant blocks can be deployed upstream of Silt Net in the drainage ditch or channel to increase sediment settlement.

Silt Net is a low cost method to increase the effectiveness of lagoon based treatment and control the release of dirty water from site. It may also be used to line ditches and drainage channels prone to erosion.

Silt Net is one of several frog environmental products that are sold in rolls. An untreated version and a floating version can be obtained on request.


silt net 700
silt net 700
Silt Net 700 River diversion channel lining
Silt Net 700 enhanced sediment settlement in lagoons
Silt Net 700 disperses flow and reduces velocity
Silt Net 700 River diversion channel lining

  • Can be used as a planned or reactive sediment control measure
  • Improved settlement in treatment ponds and lagoons
  • Water treatment
  • Runoff attenuation features
  • Drainage channels
  • Quarrying operations

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