Free Silt Pollution Control CPD

Silt pollution in river
Mobilised soils and silt are the most common form of pollution from construction sites

frog environmental products and services are helping to prevent hundreds of silt pollution in water incidents every year both in the UK and further afield.

Our philosophy is to help customers develop essential knowledge and skills that will prevent silt pollution, this way we enable our customers to make good decisions and operate more efficiently.  

Silt pollution is the No. 1 pollutant from construction projects in the UK. A key factor in protecting the environment, and companies from regulatory enforcement and fines relating to silt pollution, is awareness and understanding of the issue. 

This one hour remote CPD session provides crucial learning whether you are Designer, Principle Contractor, Groundworker, Sub-Contractor or Developer.

The following are key outcomes from this 1 hour session:

  • Awareness and understanding of silt as a pollutant 
  • Understanding basic legal and permitting requirements  
  • Awareness of the underlying issues that lead to silt pollution  
  • Understanding key principles around pollution reduction and control   
  • Understanding how to deploy silt control products  
  • Awareness of tools and resources to support pollution prevention planning on site  

These CPD sessions are free of charge and can be tailored to suit organisations and individuals based on their experience.  

Alongside this CPD session, we are also offering free technical seminars on our water treatment services using Water Lynx™ flocculants.   

All free CPD and technical sessions can be organised by contacting us.

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