Pipe Reactor

The Pipe Reactor is a mobile water treatment system that works with our flocculant in a controlled environment

At less than 8 foot long and 10 inches in diameter the Pipe Reactor connects into any 2″,  3” or 4″ pump hose to treat up to 1800 litres of silty water per minute by mixing it with our flocculant.

It is an innovative system which is designed to take our Gel Flocculant cartridges, and controls the mixing and reaction times of the flocculant with the dirty water through the flow rate and length of pump hose.

By using a Pipe Reactor containing flocculant, silt and other fine suspended solids will be bound together so they may be easily separated, captured and removed from the water to prevent it from polluting watercourses nearby.

  • Treats stubborn silty water from construction ponds, lagoons and waterbodies
  • Can be operated in two ways, either pumped or where the site allows, as a gravity-fed system. Gravity fed systems are popular on sites where they want to deliver a zero carbon operational water treatment solution.
  • Provides a cost-effective and ‘Rain Ready’ water treatment system on site throughout the project, without monthly hire costs. Water is treated for as little as 0.05- 0.09p* per m3 which brings a significant cost saving compared with traditional methods of water treatment such as hired tanks.
  • Binds silt particles together in clumps, making them heavier and easier to settle, or capture and remove from the water
  • Easily transported and can be reused at different locations on your site or across your network

Silt Capture Channels containing our 100% biodegradable Silt Mats™ and Floc Mats™ are used at the outlet of the Pipe Reactor to capture the sediment.

The combination of the Pipe Reactor and Silt Capture Channel is particularly effective at removing fine particles associated with clay soils thereby polishing the water.

In some scenarios, sites can use Gel Flocculant without a Pipe Reactor but our technical team will help guide you through the best solution for your site.

Technical specification
Dimensions2200mm (L), 250mm barrel, 4” bauer connections
Flow rateMax flow is 1800 litres/minute. Where it is used with a Silt Capture Channel, each channel has a typical max flow rate of 900 litres/minute. Optimal flow rate is site specific and effective treatment may require lower flow rates. Our technical team can help you with this.
Made from100% recyclable materials. HDPE barrel, steel fittings
Use withOur Gel Flocculant (comes in a solid gel block for easy handling and replenishment)

*Water treatment cost for a system using a Pipe Reactor and Silt Capture Channel is estimated at 0.09p per m3 of water in year one and 0.05p per m3 from year two onwards. Calculations are based on assumptions of flow rate at 1000 l/min, operating 8 hours a day, 260 days per year at around c250k cubic metres of water.

The specification of Pipe Reactors and Silt Capture Channels is typically supported by our Technical Team, either on site or remotely.

Visit our Download tab at the bottom of this page to view our detailed product specification guide for more information, or contact us for support.


Pipe Reactor, mobile water treatment system using flocculants
Gravity fed water treatment using Pipe Reactor and Silt Capture Channel
Pipe Reactor is mobile and easy to deploy
Pipe Reactor and Silt Capture Channels
Pipe Reactor is a mobile water treatment system which uses flocculants to manage silt
Gravity fed water treatment using Pipe Reactor and Silt Capture Channel
Water with high levels of suspended solids can be effectively cleaned
Pipe Reactor is mobile and easy to deploy
Pipe Reactor and Silt Capture Channels
Sediment from the treated water must be captured before release

  • Excavation pump out
  • Wash bay water treatment
  • Drainage from construction sites
  • Quarrying operations
  • Improved settlement in attenuation ponds and lagoons
  • Pond clarification

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