Gel Flocculant

Gel Flocculant blocks introduce environmentally safe flocculant into effluent streams and drains

A flocculant is an agent that helps other agents, like fine suspended particles, clump together into larger particles. A solid gel block, Gel Flocculant slowly releases and mixes flocculant with the water in streams, drains and pumped discharges.

Gel Flocculant blocks bind elevated levels of silt and associated contaminants, such as nutrients, metals and hydrocarbons into masses that are easily separated, captured and then removed from the water.

Gel Flocculant blocks can be placed directly into the effluent stream where there is turbulence or applied with a mixing device such as a fountain, aerator or Pipe Reactor equipment.

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  • Drainage from construction sites
  • Moorland run-off containing high colour and colloidal matter
  • Quarrying operations
  • Site run-off from yards and docks
  • Improved settlement in attenuation ponds and lagoons
  • Water recycling and reuse

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