Gel Flocculant

Gel Flocculant is a highly effective and environmentally safe way of introducing flocculant into ditches, drains, pumped discharges or effluent streams to cleanse muddy water and trap silt and other contaminants like nutrients, metals and hydrocarbons.

A flocculant is an agent that helps other agents, like fine suspended particles, clump together into larger particles.

Flocculants work well for water treatment as it is in a solid gel block form which slowly releases and mixes the flocculant with water movement, binding elevated levels of silt and associated contaminants, such as nutrients, metals and hydrocarbons into masses which can be easily separated, captured and removed from the water before being discharged from site.

Unmade ground on construction sites are particularly vulnerable and without adequate protection, rain will lead to fine particles of clayey soil and silt being carried long distances off site into streams and rivers causing pollution and harm to aquatic ecosystems. Using Gel Flocculant on construction sites is easy and provides a very simple way of helping smaller clay and silt particles clump together, making them easier to settle out of suspension and trap on site, thus preventing pollution of nearby watercourses.

The flocculant blocks are perfect to use where there is flowing water such as ditches and drains. Where there is no turbulence or a low carbon gravity fed system cannot be used, they can be applied with a mixing device such as a fountain, aerator or a Pipe Reactor.

Our flocculant water treatment system means that water can be cleaned on site for as little as 0.03p – 0.05p* per m3 of water, giving a year-round solution and significant cost saving compared with other options such as hired tanks.

Recognised by UK regulators and used across the globe, Gel Flocculant (sometimes the anionic flocculant is referred to as Water Lynx) is an easy to use, safe and non-hazardous silt control product which is long lasting as it stays in a dehydrated state and only activates on contact with water. Should you need to top up your supply, we aim to provide a very quick reorder service with a turnaround time of a few days.

We supply a few different variations of flocculant to suit your site’s soil chemistry. Our Technical Team will help you to determine the best set up depending on your site and project.

*Water treatment costs are calculated based of a gravity fed Gel Flocculant system, or pumped options using a Pipe Reactor, and a combination of Pipe Reactor and Silt Capture Channels. For the pumped system, calculations are based on assumptions of flow rate at 1000 l/min, operating 8 hours a day, 260 days per year at around c250k cubic metres of water.


Flocculant sediment and silt control blocks
Pipe Reactor in action at Volker Wessels UK training
Placed in ditches or effluent streams, Gel Flocculant is used to separate soil and silt allowing clean water to be discharged from site
Gel Flocculant can be placed in a channel or ditch for a passive, gravity fed low carbon solution
Gel Flocculant blocks used for reducing silt pollution
Where a passive system is not possible, Gel Flocculant blocks are placed in a Pipe Reactor for controlled release pumping

  • Drainage from construction sites
  • Moorland run-off containing high colour and colloidal matter
  • Quarrying operations
  • Site run-off from yards and docks
  • Improved settlement in attenuation ponds and lagoons
  • Water recycling and reuse

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