Floc Mat™

Silt and fine sediment capture mats

Floc Mat™ has been developed to capture silt and fine sediment suspended in water. The 1m by 2m Floc Mat™ can be laid flat, placed over a rock check or used to form a permeable curtain across a channel to help manage flow, increasing sedimentation where conditions allow.

Floc Mat™ provide a safe, cheap and easy solution to support the removal of pollutants from water. They are made from 100% natural fibres and are fully biodegradable.

Placed in natural and artificial channels, water moves over and through the Floc Mat™ to capture and trap silt within the deep natural fibres and is ideal for use with the Pipe Reactor.

Floc Mat™ come in untreated or treated forms, with treated versions having gel flocculant impregnated into the natural fibres to aid their silt binding performance.

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Floc Mat™ trapping silts from excavation Floc Mat™ in stream Treated Floc Mat™ Floc Mat™ end of pipe sediment capture Floc Mat™ End of excavation pipe Floc Mat™ in site drainage ditch Flocs Mats in field Floc Mat™ trapping flocculated silts
Floc Mat™ used to create sediment capture area before discharge

  • River restoration and maintenance operations
  • Drainage from construction sites
  • Used in artificial dispersion fields
  • Improved settlement in attenuation ponds and lagoons
  • Forestry and agricultural operations
  • Runoff attenuation features

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