Treated Geo-Jute

Treated Geo-Jute is designed to reduce the amount of sediment and silty water being discharged from construction sites

The product is delivered to the site in rolls and can be laid out to line channels and ditches as well as hung vertically to act as a curtain.

Typically the roll is staked into position in channel, either directly to the bed or on top of a plastic lining. It can also be weighted down with local material like rocks.

Treated Geo-Jute is primarily used to polish water before leaving site and is regularly deployed as a final measure in the discharge channel that connects to the local water course.

Treated Geo-Jute is often deployed downstream of Gel Flocculant Blocks and Silt Nets to form a combined solution to capture and remove suspended sediments. The product is treated with Gel Flocculant granules at 30g per square metre; this low level of treatment boosts sediment capture and retention.

Treated Geo-Jute is one of several frog environmental products that are sold in rolls.


geo jute desilting
geo jute lining
geo jute
biodegradable geo jute
Fine silt particles are captured on the natural Geo-Jute fibres
Treated Geo-Jute can be used to line channels
Treated Geo-Jute polishes water as it leaves site
100 percent biodegradable for simple disposal

  • Ditch, swale and stream channel lining
  • Treatment ponds and lagoons
  • Water treatment and polishing
  • Runoff attenuation features
  • Erosion control
  • Vegetation establishment

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