Silt Management and Fish Protection using Bubble Barriers

frog environmental has signed a deal to exclusively supply Canadian Ponds unique Bubble Tubing® aeration technology in the UK.

BubbleTubing controls pollution

BubbleTubing controls pollution

Oxygen can be a major limiting factor in the health of aquatic ecosystems, without enough oxygen other restoration efforts can be severely hampered. frog environmental has been working closely with the team at Canadian Pond and recognise strong and diverse applications across a range of sectors for their patented aeration designs.

We can now create bubble barriers to guide fish away from abstraction points and hydro power units and we can use the same bubble barrier effect to mitigate the movement of silt, oil and debris downstream. Our new animation shows how a bubble barrier works.

These genuinely innovative applications have positive implications for river restoration, hydropower, pollution control and managing abstractions.

The self-purging design of bubble tubing and 5 year warranty mean the product is reliable, low energy and low maintenance. Described as the most effective diffuse aeration system on the market as shown in the technical data.